Automatic cup filling and sealing machine is suitable for filling and sealing various liquid and solid materials, such as: jelly yogurt, juice, condiments, sauces, soy milk, noodles and powdered materials and etc. This machine is a full automatic production line with such processes as automatic cup-loading, filling, photoelectric pattern proofreading, heat sealing, cutting, leftover film collecting and cup discharging. We can also add thegen filling, cap covering, air purifying, date printing ,Cup discharging and conveying, PLC control system.

Other functions according to the client’s requirements, such as pulp filling, CIP cleaning, automatic level control, air blowing and dust-sucking, vacuuming and nitro


1. Max filling speed according to the nature of liquid, filling amount, shape of container and seal conditions will have change.
2. User Ambient Conditions: Temperature: 10~40ºC; Humidity: No dew: 10~40ºC
3. Electrical Supply Specification: 380V±5%; 50Hz±1%Voltage: 380V±5%, 3phase; Frequency: 50Hz±1%


This is applied in dairy products, beverage and so on liquid filling sealing.

New design all made of high quality stainless steel material, beautiful appearance, convenient cleaning wipes, conform to the requirements of the food hygiene quantitative filling, mechanical piston filling quantity, without dripping, filling department is equipped with automatic cleaning system, customers can to CIP and SIP. Frequency control, automatic display count.

Screw automatic into the bottle(optional) unscramble bottle machine, automatic supply cap, unscrambling cap, screwing cap, screwing torque clutch device for the cap, cap will not be cause damage to the cap.
Filling station100 efficient HEPA air filter device is optional All stainless steel shield machine, organic glass Windows, security door switch.

standard function

1. Container feeding station:Automatic empty cups loading device,adopt horizontal or vertical design, it can accommodate 1500 capsules,Adopt air claw to feed capsule, stable and accurate. Machine use premade cup. Cup sensor "no cup no filling"

2.  capsules photoelectric sensor :Detect No capsules,no filling no seal

3.  Nitrogen injection station: Additional Nitrogen gas flush to increase coffee shelf life.Organic glass cover the mold,blue hose Nitrogen protection tunnel line from capsule loading station to seal station.And storage hopper has nitrogen input

4.  Automatic vacuum material feeding machine: Automatically transfer powder materials through pipe from holding floor tank to auger hopper

5.  Filling station: Provide automatic control of the weight through dosing system by means of very precise loading cells and the final weight of the capsule by PLC, adjust filling weight on the touchscreen.2 servo auger filler

6.  Press powder and clean rim station: Press down coffee powder and compacting powder inside of capsule after filling process and at the same time,clean capsule's top rim,suck residual powder to filter jar ,it will get good sealing effect.

7.  Cutting roll aluminum film and seal lids device : Automatically punching and cutting roll film, form circle lids,at the same time ,sealing lids on the capsule's top. Positioning lids best, in the long run ,save package materials

8.  Discharge station :Swing manipulator catch finished capsules to 1200mm exterior conveyor.